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Blockbuster! SoftBank Energy makes strategic investment in Aulton

Highly optimistic about the battery swapping model

Advanced global business deployment

Softbank Energy, a subsidiary of Softbank Group in Japan, has recently entered into a strategic investment partnership with Aulton.


As a pioneer and leader in the global battery swapping model, Aulton owns more than 1,000 core patents in the field of battery swapping technology and urban distributed energy storage. With many years of experience in battery swapping services, Aulton has accumulated large-scale commercial operation experience. Softbank Energy believes that Aulton has great potential for growth.

Mr. Shigeki Miwa, CEO of SoftBank Energy, commented that the commercial operation of Aulton Battery Swapping APP is is crucial in promoting the networking, automation, sharing and electrification of the vehicle industry from a sustainable perspective, contributing to the future breakthrough in the development prospects of the electric vehicle market.. By converting renewable energy into vehicle miles traveled, Aulton Battery Swap APP has achieved a time-sharing conversion of electrical energy. SoftBank Energy is very pleased to work with Aulton to usher in a paradigm shift in electric energy transportation through the combined application of batteries and renewable energy, working together to realize a sustainable low-carbon society.

Cai Dongqing, Chairman and CEO of Aulton, stated that battery swapping has gradually become the mainstream mode of energy replenishment for NEVs, and is an important industry supported by the national dual strategy of new energy and new infrastructure development. With the world's leading battery swapping technology and battery swapping station products, Aulton has been focusing on providing green energy efficient replenishment technology and service operation total solutions for NEVs.


SoftBank Energy attaches great importance to the promotion and utilization of renewable energy, and is keenly aware of projects with innovative technologies and models in the energy sector, and has spotted and supported the development of Aulton. With this shared long-term development vision, the two parties have established a strategic cooperation through the linkage of capital.SoftBank Energy and Aulton will work together in the future to provide green energy replenishment service solutions for global vehicle electrification to help the world move towards a low-carbon economy and a social sustainable development future.