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Sinopec and Aulton signed strategic cooperation agreement

5,000+ Battery Swapping Stations   100 City-level Battery Swapping Networks  Battery Swapping within 20 Seconds

Multi-brand and multi-vehicle models share the integrated energy service ecology

April 15, Beijing. With the warm and bright spring vibe in the air, China Sinopec Group (“Sinopec”) officially signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Aulton New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. (“Aulton”) . The two parties will actively respond to the national strategy of “carbon peaking” and “carbon neutrality”, and carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation on the construction and operation of battery swapping stations, the upgrading of energy replenishment technology and the innovation of business model across China, so as to accelerate the layout of the national battery swapping network and jointly build a diversified integrated energy service platform of “petroleum, gas, hydrogen and electricity”. The two parties plan to put 5,000 battery swapping stations across China into operation by 2025, build 100 city-level battery swapping service networks, and provide users with efficient service experience through battery swapping within 20 seconds, thus jointly providing energy replenishment guarantee for the popularization of NEVs in China and lead the rapid development of new infrastructure industry.



Leaders who attended the signing ceremony included the following. Zhang Yuzhuo, Chairman of Sinopec Group and Secretary of the Party Group, Ma Yongsheng, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Group, Ling Yiqun, member of the Party Group and Deputy General Manager, Dai Zhaoming, Assistant of General Manager, General Manager of Development Planning Department and General Manager of International Cooperation Department, Zhao Rifeng, Deputy President and General Manager of petroleum Products Sales Business Department; Zhang Zhiguo, Director of Integrated Management Department and Director of the Party Group Office; Shi Dongbin, Chairman of Beijing petroleum, Wang Shunjiang, General Manager of Beijing petroleum; Cai Dongqing, Chairman of Aulton, Zhang Jianping, Co-Chairman, Yang Ye, Senior Deputy President, Tang Hong, Deputy President of Business, Cai Zhaozhan, Special Assistant of Chairman, and Lu Yi, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Company. In the presence of senior management of both parties, Ling Yiqun, member of Sinopec Party Group and Deputy General Manager, and Zhang Jianping, Co-Chairman of Aulton, signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement on behalf of both enterprises, which marked the acceleration of the ecological layout of the new scenario of diversified integrated energy services across China.



Highly recognition from Zhang Yuzhuo, Chairman of Sinopec: Aulton is the leading domestic enterprise in battery swapping



Zhang Yuzhuo, Chairman of Sinopec, highly recognized that as the domestic leading enterprise of battery swapping, and with 21 years of experience in battery swapping, Aulton has sophisticated battery swapping operation solutions, and has built an open, shared, speedy, efficient, safe and friendly battery swapping model. Through platform-based, standardized, shared and speedy commercial battery swapping operation, Aulton is committed to promoting the development of the national NEV industry and implementing the national carbon peaking strategy by 2030 and carbon neutrality strategic deployment by 2060.


Zhang Yuzhuo asked the two parties to deepen cooperation, unite the government, vehicle enterprises, battery plants and other upstream and downstream of the industry chain, and jointly promote the unification of battery swapping standards; make full use of their respective advantages and resources to achieve cooperation and achieve a win-win situation, enabling every Sinopec gas station to conduct battery swapping, and jointly build an integrated energy service station of petroleum, gas, hydrogen, electricity; further reduce the cost of battery swapping and improve the efficiency of battery swapping and energy replenishment. Next, the two parties will further discuss and study the formation of a battery bank to support the development of battery swapping model in a financial manner.

Cai Dongqing, Chairman of Aulton: a new integrated energy ecosystem with speed and shared services


Cai Dongqing, Chairman of Aulton, firstly expressed his gratitude to Sinopec for the attention and support of Aulton. Cai Dongqing emphasized that Aulton has already cooperated with BAIC, SAIC, Changan, GAC, FAW, Dongfeng and other mainstream vehicle enterprises to develop and launch the battery swapping modes. Aulton will continue to maintain the leading battery swapping technology and quality service to continuously improve the efficiency and sharing compatibility of battery swapping, and work with Sinopec to build the most friendly, diversified and integrated smart energy service platform.

Cai Dongqing stated thatspeedy” and “sharing” are the two wings of Aulton Battery Swap APP. With the characteristics of “sharing, speedy, safety and friendly”, Aulton battery swapping station has realized battery swapping within 20 seconds for multiple vehicle enterprises and models, allowing more users to experience the ultimate service of efficient battery swapping. Also, Aulton Battery Swap APP model has maximized the intensive use of public and social resources, especially in land and power resources, and reached strategic cooperation with Sinopec to provide the new integrated energy ecology with “speedy” and “sharing” service.

At present, Sinopec has launched more than 30,000 gas stations across China, which forms a very advantageous energy replenishment service network. By joining hands in strength of two parties, Aulton will lay out battery swapping stations within the network of Sinope, make full use of the complementary advantages of both parties, improve the efficiency of resource utilization and jointly create a new scenario of diversified integrated energy services. This will not only greatly enhance the speed of Aulton's network layout on a national scale, but will also help Sinopec accelerate the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system.


Based on the vast market space for the development of NEV industry, Sinopec and Aulton will form a "1+1>2" effect through continuous integration, innovation and efficient cooperation, which will be perfectly integrated into the diversified urban energy service ecology and inject strong momentum for the transformation of China's energy industry and the development of new energy vehicles!


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