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Aulton to build 10,000 battery swapping stations in 5 years and joins hands with Sinopec to integrate energy revolution!

“The lastest goal of Aulton's development plan is to invest and complete 10,000 battery swapping stations within five years and reach a service capacity of more than 10 million battery swapping vehicles.”

May 12, 2021, Beijing. The Transportation Energy Transformation Industry Seminar hosted by Sinopec was held in Beijing. As a special guest of Sinopec, Cai Dongqing, Chairman of Aulton, delivered a keynote speech on Battery swapping, make users get rid of charging troubles and share out the maximum value of batteries at the seminar, and released Aulton's latest development plan for 2021-2025 to the public.


Based on the seminare, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will take the lead in carrying out pilot work on the application of Battery Swapping Model for NEV in China. As the global pioneer and leader of the battery swapping model, Aulton is far ahead in terms of cooperation with vehicle enterprises, technological innovation and operation scale.


Join hands with Sinopec: prospects for Aulton's shared battery swapping model

After clarifying the carbon peaking goal by 2030 and the carbon neutrality goal by 2060, it became a strategic requirement for the high-quality development of the petrochemical industry in the 14th Five-Year Plan to promote green development and accelerate green transformation.



Sinopec Chairman Zhang Yuzhuo: we will accelerate the layout of battery swapping services at gas stations

As the only energy service platform that has achieved multi-brand vehicle model sharing, Aulton has become an indispensable and important partner in Sinopec's integrated energy supplement station layout. Sinopec Chairman Zhang Yuzhuo said, “Sinopec has more than 30,000 gas stations across the country, and will embrace the major trend of energy revolution, to successively lay out battery swapping facilities in gas stations, and to later make it as convenient for NEV users to conduct battery swapping as refueling.”


Cai Dongqing, Chairman of Aulton, delivered a keynote speech


Cai Dongqing, Chairman of Aulton, delivered a keynote speech of Battery swapping, make users get rid of charging troubles and share out the maximum value of batteries at the seminar, announced Aulton's latest development plan by 2025, which is to build more than 10,000 20 seconds battery swapping stations and create a multi-brand vehicle model sharing battery swapping platform that meets the needs of more than 10 million NEVs for battery swapping and energy replenishment services.


Cai Dongqing pointed out that “energy replenishment is characterised by public attribute, service attribute and scale attribute.” The establishment of energy replenishment network by vehicle enterprises may bring matching problems between vehicles and battery swapping stations, and does not have price advantages, thus the ideal state of electric vehicle energy replenishment network shall be a shared and convenient third-party public service network.


Cai Dongqing introduced that Aulton has obtained more than 2,000 global patents on battery swapping; from this year onwards, Aulton will continue to increase investment in core patents on battery swapping, and 1,000 new patents will be submitted each year to ensure Aulton's continued leadership in battery swapping technology.

Also, efficient energy replenishment and higher battery safety factor are the advantages of battery swapping of electric vehicles. After nearly seven years of exploration, Aulton has matured in the B2B scenario and gained market recognition, and thus will gradually extend to the B2C scenario.

On April 15 this year, Sinopec and Aulton signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties will carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation around construction and operation of battery swapping stations, energy replenishment technology upgrade and business model innovation, and build a multi-faceted integrated energy service platform together by accelerating the layout of the national power exchange service network.



From B2B to B2C: battery swapping model favored by users


In a practical application scenario, Aulton Battery Swap APP stations have certified the feasibility of the shared battery swapping model with years of practice. At the Aulton Battery Swap APP station located near Beijing's Honglingjin Bridge, there is a constant stream of vehicles on site for battery swapping,  allowing for the battery swapping of multiple brands and different models.



Zhang Jianping, co-chairman and chief scientist of Aulton, was interviewed in front of the battery swapping station


In an interview with CCTV, Zhang Jianping, co-chairman and chief scientist of Aulton, said, “In the future, we will increase cooperation with energy enterprises such as Sinopec, which will allow consumers to enjoy the convenience of battery swapping and gradually narrow the radius of battery swapping to be like a network of gas stations.”


“Speedy” and “sharing” are the core advantages of Aulton Battery Swap APP. At present, Aulton has cooperated with 13 mainstream vehicle enterprises to develop 21 models of battery swapping and the shared battery swapping service of multi-brand models has become a fact during the practice of Aulton Battery Swap APP. Each vehicle takes 20 seconds to swap, and the whole service takes less than 1 minute, which effectively solves the problems of slow charging of new energy vehicles, difficulties in charging in low temperature climate, users' mileage anxiety, short battery life and safety hazards.

In front of the battery swapping station,  Mr. Wang , a taxi driver who is queuing for battery swapping said, “battery swapping is fast for real, it just takes 1 minute, and is also very convenient to find a battery swapping station in Beijing. As long as the subsequent planning of the battery swapping station can be further improved, we will be less anxiety about the battery life, especially like us who drive the taxis and online car-hailing vehicles, it can ensure that a day outside the travel with electricity worry-free, naturally, the income is also more.”


“Embracing the Customer-end users with battery swapping will definitely accelerate the vehicle electrification.” Cai Dongqing said, Together with Sinopec, Aulton is building the battery swapping stations in the existing gas station network, which will make charging as convenient as refueling for users. This will not only effectively promote the unification of technical standards for electric vehicles and further popularize the application of battery swapping stations, but also accelerate the pace of transformation and development of the national transportation energy industry. Based on the strategic cooperation between the two parties, Sinopec will further discuss and study the formation of a battery bank with Aulton, and will use financial means to speed up the development of the battery swapping model.




CCTV reporters interviewed taxis drivers came to conduct battery swapping at the Aulton battery swap app station



Collaborate to Promote the Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality to Reach the Standard  Build a New Integrated Energy Ecology


‘’Aulton has actually already become an energy management service platform, and the battery swapping model is more beneficial for battery safety control. The core of safety risk prevention is thermal runaway management, and Aulton Battery Swap APP features cell-level fiber optic temperature measurement and one-key removal. Practically speaking, there has never been a major safety accident in the seven years of commercial operation of Aulton Battery Swap APP stations. Zhang Jianping showed great confidence about this.


Up to now, Aulton Battery Swap APP has served more than 50,000 vehicles, with a swapping time of 9.28 million, and the battery swapping mileage has exceeded 1.3 billion, with 84,198 tonnes of carbon emissions reduced, a maximum single vehicle mileage of 990,000 kilometres, and 0 combustion of battery swapping vehicles...All figures are the “carbon reduction” report card of Aulton, a company that has been steadily working and focusing on the field of battery swapping.


For 21 years, Aulton has focused on the layout of the NEV battery swapping track, although previously it was more of a “single-player” battle. With the attention and investment of the government and central enterprises such as Sinopec in the transformation of the transportation and energy industry, the shared battery swapping model will definitely usher in an extremely important milestone and a huge development opportunity. In this April, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched pilot work on the application of Battery Swapping Model for NEV. Aulton will continue to deepen the collaboration with Sinopec and other strategic partners, actively integrate into the national energy revolution trend with the world's leading shared battery swapping model, and help the country achieve the medium and long-term planning goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.


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