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2022 Global Unicorn CEO Conference丨Battery swapping pioneer Aulton included in Hurun Global Unicorn Index Report

August 30, Guangzhou, the business capital with thousand-year history. The 8th Annual China Guangzhou International Investment Conference and the 1st Global Unicorn CEO Conference, which was hosted by Guangzhou Municipal Government, was successfully held. More than 700 enterprise and organization representatives from the world's top 500 companies, central enterprises, industry leaders, global unicorns and other organizations from 45 countries and regions, as well as innovative entrepreneurs from all walks of life gathered to experience the new vitality, new opportunities and new business opportunities of Guangzhou, the business capital with thousand-year history. On the same day, Hurun Research Institute announced Global Unicorn Index 2022 Year Report, Aulton was included in the list for the first time, and its strength as a pioneer of battery swapping and green energy carbon reduction was highly recognized by the capital and market.



Lin Keqing, Secretary of Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Wang Yanshi, Director of Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, Li Yiwei, Chairman of Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Xie Ying, Deputy Special of the Special Office of the Ministry of Commerce in Guangzhou, Zheng Renhao, Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong Provincial Government, attended the conference, while Guo Yonghang, Mayor of Guangzhou, delivered the keynote speech and Chen Jie, Vice Mayor of Guangzhou, presided over the conference.

Yang Ye, Co-founder of Aulton, and Lu Yi, Deputy General Manager of Brand and Public Affairs Center, attended the conference and participated in the “Green Economy” roundtable forum to discuss new economic trends with global unicorn enterprises.


Aulton included in the Global Unicorn Index Report

The green pioneer of battery swapping cannot be underestimated


At the conference, Hurun, Chairman of Hurun Group released and interpreted the Global Unicorn Index 2022 First Half-Year Report, and a signing event for major industrial projects was also held at the conference. A total of 1,312 worldwide unicorn enterprises were included in the list, and 27 new energy enterprises were listed in the first half of 2022, with 4 new energy unicorn enterprises from China. With the world’s leading battery swapping model, mature scale battery swapping operation practice and industry-leading battery swapping business ecological layout, Aulton was included for the first time.



As one of the mainstream energy replenishment modes for NEVs, battery swapping is an important part of the process of promoting vehicle electrification. The innovation and leadership of Aulton in battery swapping model has been unanimously recognized by the relevant national ministries, industry and capital market in recent years. and energy giants, main engine plants and battery plants have entered the market and worked together with Aulton to accelerate the layout of the trillion dollar markets for battery swapping. Since 2021, Aulton has fully opened up to franchising, light retailing, joint ventures and other modes, linking up upstream and downstream industry partners to achieve rapid scale expansion and speed up the development of green low-carbon transformation.


Aulton has worked with vehicle enterprises to jointly develop, manufacture and promote battery swapping modes, and has now worked with 16 mainstream vehicle enterprises to develop 30 battery swapping modes, making it the most chosen battery swapping cooperative partner for vehicle enterprises in China. To date, Aulton has covered 47 cities across China, with more than 670 battery swapping stations in operation (including those under construction), forming a large-scale commercial battery swapping operation solution. For the 14th Five-Year Plan, Aulton is expected to put more than 10,000 battery swapping stations into operation across China, providing smart energy services for more than 10 million NEVs, and building efficient distributed energy storage networks for cities.


Discussion: trends in the green economy

Aulton swap to promote carbon peaking and carbon neutrality


There are 1 plenary session and 22 parallel sessions, as well as 9 overseas sessions in Silicon Valley of America, Berlin of Germany, Tokyo of Japan, Singapore for this year’s conference. Of these, Aulton was invited to attend the Green Economy theme forum to discuss new economic trends with global unicorn enterprises.



Driven by the two trenchant edges of policy and market, the green and low-carbon transformation of enterprises will be even more rapid.

As the pioneer and leader of the global battery swapping model, Aulton is committed to actively promoting the upgrading and transformation of China's NEV industry, actively practicing the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality strategy, and combining battery swapping practices with ESG green projects to become the world's leading smart energy service platform.


In response to the national carbon peaking and carbon neutrality strategy, Aulton has gradually explored and improved the path and action plan of battery swapping technology under the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, and has gradually reduced carbon emissions in the process of gas and diesel combustion and battery manufacturing through different stages of focused efforts, provided safe and low-cost energy storage system through efficient use of battery resources, reduced carbon emissions in the power generation industry, to finally realize vehicle-station-network interaction to provide flexible power to the grid and significantly reduce carbon emissions in the power generation industry.


Aulton will continue to be open and pluralistic in its approach to cooperation, and will work with the friends from battery swapping industryto explore the advantages of battery swapping in the field of green travel and urban energy storage together with fellow members in the global energy industry, and to help achieve the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and build a clean and beautiful world with the pioneering power of ESG.


Aulton, switch to blue!