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Aulton included in「KPMG China Future 50 Ranking Series」 for the fourth time

The fifth KPMG China Future 50 Ranking Series list was officially announced on August 12, 2022. With the innovative practice brought by the scale development of battery swapping to the process of vehicle electrification in recent years, Aulton was the only battery swapping service enterprise included in this list. This has been the fourth time for Aulton to be included in this list.



With the massive and rapid development of China's NEV industry, the industry chain has also formed a vying pattern. After several rounds of evaluation and enterprise visits by KPMG's industry partners, automotive-focused investors and experts, the re-entry of the Aulton into the list confirms that it has been widely recognized in the market.


As one of the mainstream energy replenishment modes of NEVs, battery swapping is undoubtedly an important link in the process of vehicle electrification. With 22 years of research and development, Aulton has achieved battery swapping within 20 seconds, effectively solving the problem of energy replenishment anxiety caused by the large-scale development of NEVs. At the same time, Aulton works with major main engine plants to jointly develop and promote battery swapping vehicle models, and has become an indispensable player in the new energy industry chain and continuous to promote the electrification of Chinese vehicles by opening up a closed-loop of “vehicle-station-operation”.



Driven by the world's leading battery swapping technology, Aulton has accelerated the layout of its battery swapping network across China. As of July, Aulton has put over 670 battery swapping stations into operation in 47 cities across China, with a cumulative number of battery swapping over 30.48 million, setting a new global record for battery swapping operations.


By 2025, Aulton will accelerate the implementation of its strategic goal of Passenger-commercial Vehicle Integration by putting 10,000 battery swapping stations into operation across China and providing full-scene battery swapping energy services for 10 million NEVs (including passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles).


Anchored on strategic goals, we are striving to pursue our dreams. Aulton will continue to expand its community of friends with an open and diversified cooperation mindset, and join forces with industry partners to switch to blue!